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We are so used to calling a sandwich also a “sandwich”, that now this English word has become firmly established throughout the world. But where does this term come from, connected all over the world with two slices of bread and sausage in the middle? It is incredible to say, but the name comes from an English count who lived in the eighteenth century. in the town of Sandwich, located in the Kent region in the south of England.

John Montagu IV Earl Sandwich usually walked around the desk. In order not to waste time, busy between maps and sea lanes, the nobleman began to ask his butler about fast food that could be eaten without moving to the dining room.

This is the same count who suggested that meat should be served between two pieces of bread in order to try a substantial dish without spending too much time.

The idea, apparently born in the 60s of the eighteenth century, was immediately appreciated by the friends of Count Sandwich, and many began to order "the same dish that they eat a sandwich" in order to associate a noble sandwich to this one.

Evil says that Montague actually invented food so as not to leave the table and continue to challenge other nobles, not stopping for a moment.

In any case, it was he who invented the sandwich, which was so successful right away. And so, what began as a noble food, today has become a universal way to eat, love everyone and spread throughout the world.

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