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Delivery Info

Delivery Information

Hello and welcome to the delivery page!

Here you can find useful information about the terms and conditions of delivery of our goods.

You can place an order online and pick them up in our restaurant or we will deliver directly to your doorstep.
Delivery is free when ordering for a certain amount.
We use the best operators to make sure that your order will be delivered on time.


District of the city
Minimal oreder
Tairovofrom 200 UAH
from 200 UAH
from 250 UAH
from 650 UAH
from 600 UA

* The amount of the minimum order is specified by the operator and depends on the area of the city.

  • Centre
  • Moldovanka
  • Slobodka
  • Peresyp
  • Lenposelok

  • Delivery is free from 10:00 to 24:00

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